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14243 Gornja Toplica, Mionica, Srbija
+381-14-3426-118, office@hotelvrujci.org


Hotel Vrujci is the symbol of the Spa Vrujci and also a synonym for the Spa for many years

The hotel Vrujci is in the Spa Vrujci in the northwest of Serbia at the foot of the mountains Suvobor (865 m) and Maljen (1104 m) 92 km northwest of Belgrade. Vrujci is 180 m above sea level, it has a moderate continental climate..

The hotel Vrujciis specific for having a bountiful source of flowing curative water - 300l in a second, putting it in first place compared to other spas in Serbia. Also the curative water is used inside the hotel not only for filling the outdoor and indoor swimming pools and in the spa wellness centre but also it is used in the hotel rooms, suites and the hotel kitchen..

It is also specific for the fact that all the swimming pools have flowing curative water so, the water in the pools changes up to seven times and they are the only swimming pools in Serbia that are disinfected, washed and refilled every night.

Within the hotel there is a restaurant which has 400 seats inside and 250 seats on the terrace.

All the rooms have a terrace , minibar, telephone, cable TV and free Wi-Fi.

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  • Sport

    We are well kown for professinal sport preparations which are based on the fact that we are in an good position, have quality accomodation and facilities. We have an area for a complete relaxation programme (indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi,sauna and massage rooms). The hotel has grass football pitch (100 x 72,5 m), four tennis courts (gravel), basketball and volleyball pitch.
  • Conference & meetings

    The hotel Vrujci has a conference room which has 80 or 150 theater seats. It has a pleasant atmosphere and the nesessary audio-visual equipment for organizing all kinds of scientific meetings, conferences and business seminars.
  • Spa & Wellness

    This is the area in the complex that includes the indoor swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and the nearby massage and therapy treatment rooms. The spa and wellness unit also gives physical therapy for those in need of rehabilition Our staff are proffessional and friendly and will help you feel full of energy.
  • Accomodation

    The hotel is in the category of a two star hotel. It has 87 rooms (single rooms, double rooms) and five double bed suites and can accommadate 200 visitors. All the rooms have a terrace, bathroom, minibar, phone, cable TV and free Wi-Fi.
  • Outdoor pools

    The outdoor recreational swimming pools of the hotel Vrujci (three pools) are unique in Serbia since they are constructed on actual thermal sources and are addionally filled from deep wells of thermal water and also the spring water flows through the pools. The water in the pools is renewed up to seven times during the day. In the evening the pools are emptied for cleaning and filled up again during the night. If the weather conditions allow, they can be used from the end of April until the beginning of October.
  • Children's pool

    The children's pool: 30 m long and 16m wide is 0,5 m to 0,8 m deep. The size of the semi olympic swimming pool is 25 m long and 12.5 m wide. It is 1.00 m – 2.00 m deep. The recreational olympic size swimming pool is 50 m long and 25 m wide, 1.2 – 2.20 m deep. They are filled with thermal water. The olympic swimming pool has two watch points and a 60 m long and 9 m high slide. Around the pool there are paths which are regularly maintained, and many trees which provide shade on hot summer days. There are showers and changing rooms as well as two small and one big pool buffet.
  • Indoor pool

    Apart from the outdoor pools, hotel Vrujci has an indoor recreational swimming pool, 25 m long 12.5 m wide, 1.2 – 2.20 m deep. It is filled with thermal water from wells. The pool is equipped with showers and it has its own sunbathing area

Healing properties

The temperature of the thermo mineral water of the spa Vrujci is 25-27° C. It has a mineral compostion of potassium, magnesium and selenium. Today, apart from having healing properites, the spa is visited for preventative reasons.

The chemical composition Silicium acid - The Vrujci spring thermal water is categorized as oligomineral hypothermal. Acidity and alkalinity - When consumed it is good for neutralizing the acidity in the organism, for example in the stomach. Silicic acid - The water can relieve skin disorders, traumatic states and other illnesses associated with the gastro intestine system. Fluorine - the water can be drunk in unlimited amounts it can also be used for other internal needs and for inhalation. Gas system - The water’s gas composition is nitrogenous, with traces of carbon dioxide, and fair absence of hydrogen sulfate. Active element’s - Based on research up to now: the water falls into the category of mild radioactive water. It effects the increase of leukocytes, lowers blood pressure, acts on the endocrine glands (especially on the thyroid glands), also on the genital glands and the anterior pituitary gland. This is the reason why, in the last century or so, many of the mild radioactive springs have been said to “rejuvenate” both men and women. The water has a positive effect on the skin and old wounds. .

The health properties of the mud Thermal waters brings the finest of particles to the surface full of radioactive materials and deposit them near the spring in the Vrujci complex from there the mud is collected and used in the therapy rooms. The mud contains much more concentrated amount of elements in its compound mixture than the water, even up to a thousand times more. It is heated to a temperature of 40-45 degrees in special vats and then used, depending on the disorder or needs of the pacient.The temperature can be warm, lukewarm or cold . the mud is applied on the problem area as a coating for up to 20 to 45 minutes,the it is washed off with warm water. The mud is made up of fine particles that are in contact with the skin and this has a therapeutic effect. This kind of therapy has both a therapeutic and chemical effect on the skin and the whole organisam as it is absorbed through the pores. The spa is also known to help those who have difficulty in bearing children.


Surrounding Area


10 km from the spa Vrujci is Mionica. At the beginning of the 20th centuary Mionica was divided into a village and a town. The village Mionica is on both sides of  the tributaries of the river Ribnica and the river Kolubara. The town Mionica was populated only around 1860 and is in the middle of the territory of the village Mionica. Today Mionica is a municipality.
The church of The Resurrection of Christ The church was built in 1856. It is known for its icons of the „Valjevo Academy of Art“ (Hаdži Ruvim, Petаr Nikolаjević Moler and others) at the end of the XVII century and the beginning of the XIX century it has become a protected cultural and historical monument. The tower of the church was used as a battle point observatory during the battle of Kolubara.


The birth house of the Duke ŽivojinMišic. The house of ŽivojinMišic is a memorial complex today and consists of two exhibits a historical exhibit and an ethnic one. It is 7km from the spa. Inside the museum, there is a presentation of the historical events at the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX century and its accent is on the role that Duke had as commanding officer in the army, which is studied in many military academies worldwide.The house of Duke Misić shows his roots, childhood, education, family history, military career during the Balkan wars for independence, the First World War, the Kolubara battle and then his falling ill, his last days and his contribution to the military academic studies.


A hidden beauty, Ribnica, is named after (Riba - meaning fish) the fish that fed people from this area for thousands of years. The Ribnica canyon is an oasis of natural beaulty not far from the city. A great place for fishing and mountaneering, and it is near. The Ribnica Cave It is located on the other side of the Ribnica river. Its enterance is in the shape of a triangle. Its height is 12m and it is 25m wide and it is at the level of the river. Fifteen types of bats live in the cave that are very rare in Europe. Because of its beauty and rarity it is designated as a natural monument.


30km Valjevo is one of the most beautiful cities of Serbia with an important history and a strong local tradition. Traces of life in this part date from 12 000 years ago (upper Paleolithic age), and were found in the famous Petnica Cave. It was also an important centre in the middle ages, but the full historical value of this town is yet to be found by the archeologists. It is known that people from Dubrovnik had a colony here until it fell under the Turkish rule in 1458. Valjevo was the county seat in the 17th and 18th centuary of the Užice - Valjevo metropolis and the seat of office of an Austrian district. In the 18th and 19th century one of the biggest used to be organised in Valjevo Places to visit in Valjevo are two market places, Tešnjar and knez Miloševa, The National museum of Valjevo, the Nenadović Tower, Mark's Chair, the river Gradac and Kolubara, and the monasteries Ćelije and Lelić....


How far Vrujci is from bigger towns: Mionica – 10km, Ljig – 11km, Valjevo – 30km, Lajkovac – 33km, Lazarevac – 36km, Ub – 38km, Gornji Milanovac – 52km, Aranđelovac – 53 km, Obrenovac – 65km, Čačak – 75km, Mladenovac - 77km, Belgrade – 92km, Užice – 93km, Smederevska Palanka – 94km, Šabac – 97km, Kraljevo – 100km, Loznica – 102km, Velika Plana – 105km, Pančevo - 113km, Smederevo - 114km.

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